Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first."

While Ranking Google's algorithm takes many factors into account and a smart player like Digital n More has every idea about all those factors. We just go through various steps like creating strong content using the correct set of keywords, Creating creative presentation of website H1 tag, etc and optimize your website to such extent that search engines are bound to rank your website.

How does Digital n More SEO Benefit you?

The Pentagonal technique of Digital n More helps you optimize your website in 5 simple steps.

Evaluation & Analysis

Our Team first gets familiar with your business and targeted clients further we use SWOT analysis of the platform so that we could evaluate the content, mapping, code, and keyword density.

Strategy and Goal Setting

The Experts at Digital n More develop a plan chart using the client's current platform and transforms it into a web and mobile destination which results in better website ranking and catching sight of target users.

Technical Setup

There are certain technical requirements for good SEO, like Important tools, dashboards, and analytics processes. We keep monitoring the Process at regular intervals and ensure its success.

Execution of On-Site Optimization

The Team of experts at Digital n More starts executing the On-Page or On-Site optimization by wiping up the web page code, its content, its functional and design architecture, site map, keyword usage and more.

Relentless and Non-Stop Optimization

We keep providing non-stop on-page optimization along with features like category and product-specific blogging, continuous link-building with a customized approach. This adds 5 stars to your success story.

In current scenario results are rewarded, efforts are not. Hence we try and make sure that the website reaches every possible potential client one first sight once he tries to search for anything related to your brand.

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media, in this digital era, acts as a catalyst which expands a brand's reach to a mass audience with a strong and effective digital presence. What matters here is, how impactful and creative your post is?? The more creative and impactful social media post is, the better are its chances to get viral. The experts at Digital n More are aware of what is trending on Social Media and what could rapidly get viral. Our design team and SEO Team work hard to create the best posts for you and make your brand shine like a star in the sky of Social Media.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model that is used to grab traffic to a website, In this model an advertiser pays a publisher whenever the ad is clicked. The most satisfying site for us is seeing our clients' businesses grow. In PPC advertising with Digital n More, our team on behalf of your's agreed to bid rates manages to keep the budget in mind and continuously monitors to achieve the desired ROI. In this case, when a user clicks on the ad, a brand pays. Using PPC Digital n More helps a brand in getting leads that can further be converted into business.

How does a Brand get Benefit from Digital n More?

Launching the brand with effective messaging to attract a large set of audience

Customize the Reach of your website to reach more Target

Low Cost with Continuous Campaigning

Best Conversion rate

Measurable with ROI Driven Results

Become More Competitive and Visible vis-à-vis your competition









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