Media Buying Service

Media Buying Service

"Media is the Most Powerful entity on earth"

Media, over the years, has witnessed some dramatic changes due to the rapid growth of media channels. This results in the audience getting fragmented across multiple channels requiring advertising to be more focused to achieve their goals. The Digital n More team understands the technique of effectively spreading your company's portfolio to the public using the right mix of online or offline advertising modes like website, blogs, television, radio, magazine, and newspaper. Our Media buying service is all about getting media space from online & offline publishers & broadcasters.

Digital n More Media planning and Buying Process

3 Stages of Media Buying Process used by Digital n More are: -

Pre-Launch Research

Campaign Launch

ANALYSIS Post Launch Analysis

Stage-1 Pre-Launch Research

Decisions on advertising are made with lots of brainstorming, budgeting etc. In fact, it requires meticulous planning and analysis by the team of expert media planners. In the pre-launch phase, Digitalnmore’s team of media planners and buyers look at the core objective and accordingly plan and buy the relevant media outlets to achieve the advertising goals.

Target Audience Identification and Decision to Reach out to them

For any brand it is important to know who the brand’s potential audience is? their age, gender, social and marital status, the area, city and country they belong to, their interest and hobbies. After knowing the target group, we work on various data and consumer behavioural pattern to decide on ways to reach the target audience.

Where do they visit?

How, where and what do they shop?

Do they buy online or Offline?

Based on these, our Digitalnmore team suggest strategy to the client.

If they plan to advertise online, we pick up channels to reach potential customers: search engine ads, website, blog advertisements and social network platforms etc.

Competition Mapping and Research

Digitalnmore team helps the brand identify potential competitors and share the competition’s brief media strategy with the client. Identify where competitors are advertising, who are they targeting, what is working for them and what didn’t work. Learning from industry experience can save time and allow us to create effective campaigns for the brand.

Developing Media Strategy

Digitalnmore Team develops and Propose a media buying plan to the client corresponding to the agreed campaign objective. Media buying plan may consist the mix of Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor and Online depending on the objective in hand or it could be anyone media platform that the team can propose to buy.

Choose Media Outlets, and Negotiate the Price

Post choosing the media outlets, Digitalnmore’s team of media buyers start negotiating with TV, Radio, Newspaper and online Publishers Team to get the best deals for the client.

Allocate the Budget, and Plan the Campaign Execution

Post getting all the deal done and final plan discussed, Digitalnmore team Allocate a campaign budget according to results you expect to achieve (clicks, conversions, sign-ups, CPRP, GRP, CPM, Reach etc.). Estimate expenditures for a specific period, such as day, month or quarter budget. We carefully distribute offline and online based on the campaign objectives. We Plan every penny our client spends.

Stage-2 Campaign Launch

In the Launch Phase, Digitalnmore’s media team works on ensuring effective media delivery by continuously monitoring the campaign. At this stage, it is important to analyse what works and what does not work and keep advising the client.

Ensuring Media Delivery

As an effective media buying agency our media team keeps checking on the media platforms to ensure deliveries are happening as per plan while monitoring the client’s websites, offline stores in terms of engagement and conversions.

Adaptability based on response

Quite often, it has been observed that prospects don’t engage with the advertisement the way it is planned, and clients don’t receive the desired response (clicks, buys, signs up, calls, traffic, offline response etc.). In this case, Digitalnmore suggests clients to adapt to the user feedback and change the ad outlets while keep a track of the competitor’s media activities.

Digitalnmore always suggests its clients to be ready to adapt and reset the budget and/or media platforms. We always Set up timelines for reassessments. We keep reviewing campaigns periodically suggest for change of strategy if any required midway.

Stage-3 Post Launch Analysis

The post-campaign analysis is a time to think about the outcome of the advertising campaign in terms of delivery, ROI, user engagement and overall performance.

Analysing the Campaign Effectiveness

Digitalnmore Team always suggest clients to use CTA numbers or destination for users to interact with brands in every possible way which helps to collect as much data as possible and review the campaign performance by generating reports to see the good or bad of any campaign.

Campaign Effectiveness is evaluated on three parameters-

  • Revenue Generation during the campaign and growth in the rate of revenue generation post campaign.
  • Audience Engagement with the product and services.
  • Return on investment
  • Increase in the brand recall

Data Analysis and Insights

For the Digitalnmore Team, user data collection is important as it empowers the brand with insight to optimize advertising campaigns and provide better targeting. It also helps us look for major and minor trends. We don’t only look at single parameters but various other variables to gauge the performance of a campaign.

Creatives or Placement

Digitalnmore Media Team understand that advertising is not only about creating an appealing art or Video commercial but also about correct placement and right targeting to engage the right set of potential users. The Mantra for measuring the success of advertising campaigns is much more than what is shown it is also about where the ad is displayed and to whom the ad is trying to talk to. This is the reason media buying is an important marketing function.

Benefits of Media Buying Services from Digitalnmore

  • We have a team to work on the ad quality for better results
  • 24/7 monitoring process.
  • Competition beating strategy.
  • Optimised Budgeting
  • Assured Delivery
  • Educate you on Pros. And Cons. With continuous interaction









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